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About our Martial Arts Forums:
Our Martial Arts forums are an attempt to build a forum where students of all styles, ages, and cultures can
discuss their arts civilly, without the "my art is better than yours" undertones that permeate so many
discussions of the martial arts, and without attaching stigmas to any martial arts. We encourage
conversation on both the philosophy and the practice of the martial arts, and while we believe that debate
is healthy for the psyche, we also believe that it should remain, at the very least, cordial throughout the
length of the debate.

About our Martial Arts Search Engine:
MartialArtsMeta was designed as a Martial Arts gateway, your first step into the wonderful world of Martial Arts.
With MartialArtsMeta you can search the internet for martial arts related items or for anything else of interest.

MartialArtsMeta has been compiled to make your task easier in finding quality Martial Arts information.

Contact Us:
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