JUDO KYOHON Translation of masterpiece by Jigoro Kano created in 1931.: TRANSLATED INTO THE ENGLISH AND SPANISH

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JUDO KYOHON. Translation of masterpiece by Jigoro Kano created in 1931. The Master Jigoro Kano published, in September 1931, which would be his only full technical book about Kodokan Judo in Japanese. They’ve passed 85 years without this masterpiece has been translated into other languages and released to the remainder of the world. Today the original version of Judo Kyohon is almost extinct and this can be very difficult to obtain a copy. For over ten years our hope was once to acquire this valuable treasure and now that in spite of everything we have achieved it, we are making this to be had to all of you already translated, concurrently in two languages, in the same book: English and Spanish. Kano Shihan shows us the secrets of Judo, including atemi waza, vital points, Ate dokoro, katas forgotten as Seiryoku zenyo kokumin Taiiku and the a part of atemi the Tandoku renshu and kime shiki.He also talks about the application of judo to on a regular basis life, friendship, rest, respect, training and other values. Anecdotes contains little known and advanced explanation of quite a lot of techniques. NOT CONFUSE THIS BOOK WITH THAT OF”JUDO KYOHAN OF SAKUJIRO YOKOYAMA. JUDO KYOHON. Traducción de la obra maestra de Jigoro Kano creada en 1931. (ESPAÑOL E INGLES) Traducido en Español e Ingles en el mismo libro de la maravillosa obra maestra de Jigoro kano, escrita en 1931 solo en idioma japonés.Libro de extraordinario valor por ser el único libro avanzado de Judo kodokan escrito por Jigoro Kano .Sin duda un libro oculto, escasamente difundido incluso en Japón. Shihan Kano nos muestra los secretos del Judo, incluyendo Atemi waza, puntos vitales,Ate dokoro,katas olvidados como el Seiryoku zenyo kokumin taiiku y la parte de atemi del Tandoku renshu y el kime shiki. También nos habla de la aplicación del judo a la vida cotidiana, la amistad, el descanso, el respeto, el entrenamiento y otros valores. NO CONFUNDIR ESTE LIBRO DE JIGORO KANO CON EL DE SAKUJIRO YOKOHOMA:” JUDO KYOHAN”

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