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Kendo Guide for Beginners is a book written to guide kendo beginners. The book introduces

– What equipment you want for,

– The concept of kendo as budo,

– How to behave at training,

– Etiquette and manners and

– All the basic movements that beginners should learn thoroughly.

Visualize the Correct Movements:
Along with many pictures of the kendo basics, the detailed explanations will help you understand what you should or should not do when learning the basics.

When learning kendo movements it is all the time helpful if you actually see what you have to do or not to do. And it’s important for you to visualize the correct movements.

With the pictures and detailed explanations, it makes it easy for you to review what you learned at your dojo. Practicing at home on top of practicing at the dojo, you’ll improve the basics of your kendo appropriately and quickly.

Improve Fast:
This is a great advantage because by acquiring the good basics, You’ll move on to the next step easily; putting a set of armor on. With your solid basics, you’ll have fewer difficulties when you get a set of armor. That’s why all the kendo people tell you to learn the basics thoroughly.

No Embarrassment by Learning the Cultural Background:
You’ll learn the reasons at the back of the etiquette/manners in detail with this book. And if you learn the etiquette/manners in detail, you are also learning Japanese culture too.

Even though the Japanese society is modernized, a large number of the etiquette/manners are still following the rules of the samurai era. By knowing the etiquette and manners, it is possible for you to to understand what’s going on at the dojo easily. And more importantly, you’ll NOT offend other people, especially Japanese people as a result of a lack of the knowledge.

With this book, You’ll learn all you have to know at the beginning of kendo as a beginner and it makes your kendo life a lot easier.

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