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Book Description: Are you ready to learn kickboxing? Whether you need to learn for self-defense, fitness, or just to have fun, “Kickboxing 101” will teach you the basic kickboxing techniques you wish to have to know. This guide will show you how to keep watch over get up aspects of a fight through movement, defensive maneuvers, and striking attacks.

Over 200 photos are combined with step by step instructions to illustrate effective application of kickboxing techniques. The accompanying text will give you insight into the more than a few aspects and principles of kickboxing. This guide will provide you with a well-rounded working knowledge that you’ll be able to perfect on your own or with a partner, from home or in a class environment, as a primary learning tool or as a supplement to other learning.

Specific sections covered are:

• Chapter 1: Stance and movement: This section will teach you the appropriate foot stance and hand positioning as well as variations. Movement will also be covered and include lateral, side, and pivoting.

• Chapter 2: Defense: This section will show you how to evade punches the usage of traditional boxing movements, such as the slip or bob-n-weave.

• Chapter 3: Attacking with punches: In this section, you are going to learn to attack with punches, such as the jab, cross, hook, and uppercut, as well as variations.

• Chapter 4: Basic elbow and knee attacks: Knees and elbows will be discussed in this section with multiple variations of both being covered. Some techniques you are going to learn are the round elbow, downward elbow, basic knee, and knee with head grab.

• Chapter 5: Basic kick attacks: Kicks of more than a few types will be taught in this section. The kicks will be basic and include the rear-leg round kick, teep (push kick), and the front-leg round kick. Defensive maneuvers such as the shielding and kick checking will be included as well.

• Chapter 6: Putting it together: This section will show you how to put the content together. It’s going to outline potential combos and more.

About the Expert: Nathan DeMetz is a personal trainer from Indiana. He has long been an avid fitness enthusiast and became a martial arts practitioner in recent years. He has been weight lifting for 12 years and practicing martial arts for three. Nathan is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)/Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT) with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). He is a Certified Fitness Kickboxing Instructor through the Kickboxing Fitness Institute. Nathan is currently pursuing Sport Nutrition Certification through ISSA. Nathan had the opportunity to meet and learn from a USAPL state ranked power lifter, two NPC bodybuilding competitors, and other local, amateur, and competitive athletes. He is the owner/operator of Nathan DeMetz Personal Training.

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