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It has been demonstrated that a Krav Maga student who practices for a period of between 6 and 10 years will not plateau and remain at one level. He should as an alternative try to develop his martial arts abilities to an optimum. This is true in each area of our lives, including in sports. WE CAN MAINTAIN THE LEVEL THAT WE ACHIEVE BY CONSTANTLY PROGRESSING, IF NOT WE LOSE ALL THE HARD WORK WE HAVE DO. In this book we will be able to maintain fighting in different situations: Ground fighting Sparring – “The Krav Misra” Fighting strategies Mental strength Street fighting Professional fighting Defending a couple of attackers Defending against a couple of armed attackers The objective of this book is to present, dissect and maintain the entire physical phases of the fight from a mental point of view as this constitutes 90% of the success of the outcome of the fight. This work contains advanced techniques aimed at experienced practitioners of Krav Maga who want to progress beyond simple self-defence to a HIGH LEVEL IN KRAV MAGA. In the same way that one develops the physical aspects of his body, muscle development, flexibility and cardiovascular capacity, one should spend as much time and put as much effort into increasing mental strength and developing keep an eye on. It is these principles of Krav Maga that we will be able to be having a look at in this book.

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