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MMA is the Most Unforgiving Sport in the World… You Need to Master the Fundamentals…

Take the teachings in this book seriously and it is possible for you to to learn the basics of cage fighting (or ring). From being a total beginner, You’ll become a strong MMA competitor, and even a champion.

Because this book makes a speciality of the fundamental skills, it is possible for you to to learn them fast. We limited the moves discussed in this book to those that are most effective as observed in the cage. We did not include the fancy moves which are regularly over emphasized in most martial art schools. It is our goal to help your master the essential skills rather than make you a jack-of-all trades in a thousand fancy-looking skills that you’re going to never use in combat. This is how MMA is learned this present day. People no longer need to learn a thousand moves required by their martial arts master. In the past, you want to go through 5-10 different martial arts masters to learn the basics of MMA. Today, you’ll be able to hasten the process by learning only the effective moves from each discipline.

This book discusses the fundamental skills that you’re going to need in attacking and in defending yourself in the ring. You’ll learn how to do them and when to use them in the ring. This book discusses the basic fighting stances as well as Top-of-the-line strikes from boxing and Sambo. Certain moves from Judo were also included for take-downs and take-down defense. Top-of-the-line submission moves used in BJJ are also included in this book. Though most of the take down moves come from wrestling and Judo, the submission techniques all come from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

You can never be a real mixed martial arts fighter if you don’t train your moves with a partner. The end of this book makes a speciality of drills that will help you develop the fighter’s instincts and reflexes. This 7-day training regimen is topped off with a no holds barred sparring match on the 7th day. This intensive training regimen is similar to what traditional vale tudo fighters used even before MMA became popular. This is likely one of the best boot camp regimens on the market to prepare you fast for the UFC…

****Before You Do ANYTHING…You Need to MASTER The Fundamentals – Get Your Copy Now****

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