The Effortless Power of Kung Fu: A beginners introduction to the real power of kung fu. The background, training and… Price: $8.03 (as of 10/04/2023 11:16 PST- Details)


“If you’re serious about learning kung fu or just interested in what kung fu in point of fact is then buy this book.” This is an excellent introduction to the atypical World Of Kung Fu. This well-written book guides you through everything you wish to have to know. Why forms are still the best way to learn – as long as they’re taught properly, why sparring is an essential, but frequently missing part of most kung fu teachings through the fascinating history of kung fu and then on to how to find a good teacher. This book gives an excellent grounding in stances, effective punches, kicks, throws and so on. You learn amazing skills like how to stand to be able to’t be moved with only some moments practice. like how to conquer your fear of attack just by changing your breathing. In spite of everything, it gives tactics in how to deal both physically and mentally with real street violence. This includes how to deal with kick boxer type attacks, grapplers and even multiple attackers. We live in a world where kung fu is increasingly being seen as not offering realistic combat skills. This book shows that this is not the case. Kung fu, when it is taught and trained properly, offers the most comprehensive training in skills for both for combat and for life. The Effortless Power of Kung Fu has as much to interest the seasoned martial artist as it does the beginner. There are principles, skills and tactics here that are rarely seen in most kung fu schools. • Discover the fascinating history and background of kung fu • Understand the keys to maximising your power • Learn physical exercises to prepare your body • Train effective blocks, strikes, kicks, throws and more • Learn realistic tactics for self-defence • Prepare yourself physically and mentally for whatever life can throw at you This is the first in a series of books, each of which delves deeper into a traditional and comprehensive kung fu system. “I have never met or trained with Paul before, but upon reading this book I see many similarities in the way we teach and train, so I hope we will be able to cross paths soon. I find the book very informative and down to earth, it’s a in point of fact good look at what is Kung Fu and why should we do it” Eli Montaigue – Head of the World Taiji Boxing Association and named successor to the Erle Montaigue System. “A labor of love. Mr. Chapman explains the concepts in the back of Chinese martial arts techniques in scientific terms that enables the reader to grasp the theories and techniques that he explains.” Michael Quebec – Fremont, CA Unified School District, Physical Education

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