What is Martial Arts

Martial arts refers to systems and traditions of warfare and combat. In modern days, ring sports and entertainment styles have also started calling themselves martial arts and thus general public also commonly considers them under the umbrella of martial arts. Origin of the term “Martial arts” There are various explanations of the origin of the … Read more

Why do people learn martial arts?

Martial arts may seem like a uselessly tiring activity for few people, however they can’t understand the true taste of martial arts and it’s discipline unless they understand why people learn martial arts and probably by practicing it themselves at least for some time. Various people have different reasons for learning martial arts, including: Many … Read more

What is Wushu?

Wushu, a form of contemporary Chinese martial arts, combining performance elements with martial application. Wushu focuses on speed and power with natural and relaxed movements. A wushu practitioner combines strength, speed and flexibility with effortless, fierce and flawless technique! Literal meaning of Wushu Wushu can be translated to “martial arts” in English. The word wushu … Read more