What is Wushu?

Wushu, a form of contemporary Chinese martial arts, combining performance elements with martial application. Wushu focuses on speed and power with natural and relaxed movements. A wushu practitioner combines strength, speed and flexibility with effortless, fierce and flawless technique! Literal meaning of Wushu Wushu can be translated to “martial arts” in English. The word wushu … Read more

Greatest Boxing heavyweights

Boxing has always been a man’s sport. With the recent welterweight ‘Fight of the Century’ between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao coming to a somewhat unsatisfactory closure we decide to take a look back at the most popular weight division that produced the most charismatic and greatest boxers the world has ever known. 5. Rocky … Read more

Self Defence Tips

The best self defense tip that anyone can give is: stay calm. When defending yourself it is important to keep your wits about you, act fast, and control the situation. Think things through: When in a stressful survival situation, your brain will want to “fight or flight”. Essentially, your body is going to freak out … Read more

Aikido and the Use of Ki

Recently there has been a lot of discussion regarding whether or not Ki, Chi, or inner energy is real, and if so, is it some kind of magical “stuff”. I believe Ki is more about being centered and connected rather than some “mystical powers”. In Aikido, we have some techniques to help us become more … Read more