Jits-Fit: The Grappler’s Guide to Fitness

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“The human body is the deadliest weapon ever created. It can squat, bend, press, pull, rotate, sprint, hit, and kick on command without the need of an external attachments. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a software update that teaches you how to properly use the tools you were born with. In the words of Grand Master Helio Gracie, “What the Samurai did with their swords, we do with our hands.” The Samurai knew the importance of keeping their swords sharp and conditioned for peak performance in battle. This is why it is very important supplement resistance training with Jiu-Jitsu. The techniques are very important, but maintaining a healthy, strong body will not only assist the technique, it is going to also create the resilience needed to combat injuries. In this book, I will be able to show you how to build training systems with exercises that directly translate into the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle. Technique will usually beat strength, but we have all been smashed and picked apart by a meathead with a lighter belt. Why not have the best of both worlds?” Jits-Fit: The Grappler’s Guide to Fitness is the instruction manual for developing a body built for battle. The movements and content within these pages will build both physical and mental strength, endurance, and skill. I wrote this book because I used to be sick of searching for it. I needed this book when I went from being an expert gym rat to a wide eyed white belt. My body just did not want to move the in the ways of the experienced grapplers and I hated not being good at something. Not being able to defend myself and not being able to learn the techniques as a result of my rigid training style. So instead of continuing to search for the book that I could not find, I determined to write the damn thing. This is my way of giving back to the Jiu-Jitsu community that has had, and continues to have, a profoundly positive affect on my life. If you have ever stepped on the mat, then you know that you’re a part of a family. And if you have never had the pleasure, I encourage you to find an academy because you haven’t any idea what you are missing.

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