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By Alex Bennett

In the Editorial, Alex joyfully describes his up to date set of premium handmade bogu that took several years to make and cost the same as a medium-sized car, but he also laments at the state of bogu production in Japan as there at the moment are no artisans left in Japan who can make a complete set of bogu from scratch. In order to check out and preserve the craft, Kendo World is lobbying the All Japan Kendo Federation to get the last remaining craftsmen designated as National Living Treasures.

The 14th All Japan Invitational 8-dan Kendo Tournament
By Michael Ishimatsu-Prime

A report at the 14th All Japan Invitational Kendo Tournament which used to be won by Kanagawa’s K8-dan Miyazaki Masahiro.

UTS Kendo Seminar: An Interview with Takanabe Susumu and Wako Daisuke
By Clement Guo

Former two-time All Japan Champion and World Champion Takanabe Susumu and All Japan Championship runner-up Wako Daisuke visited UTS Kendo Club in Sydney in December 2015 to hold a seminar. Throughout the seminar they sat down with Clement Guo for a interview and discussed their thoughts on kendo and taking part in competitions.

Kendo – Part 2
By Takano Sasaburō

Translated and annotated by Alex Bennett
It’s a bit difficult to know where to begin when discussing Takano Sasaburō’s contributions to kendo. He used to be instrumental in developing the dan grading system for kendo, and used to be also a key member in the committee that created the Nihon Kendo Kata in 1912. His book simply titled Kendō used to be a tour de force in the creation of a uniform style for up to date kendo, and is still thought to be a classic book by kendoka lately. This series of articles will translate Takano’s book and the text will be annotated to contextualize its ground-breaking content. This issue of Kendo World will feature Chapter 2 which is divided into the following sections: The Objective of Kendo in Education; Teaching Content and Apportioning; Assessment; Kendo Equipment; Grading System.

Kendo for Adults Part 4: The Importance of Kirikaeshi for Mature Practitioners
By Hatano Toshio
Translated by Alex Bennett

In this issue, Hatano-sensei explains the importance of kirikaeshi and its benefits.

Uncle Kotay’s Kendo Korner – Part2: the pleats in the hakama
By Uncle Kotay
Kendo sage Uncle Kotay dishes out kendo wisdom. In this installment he talks about the meaning of the pleats in kendo hakama.

Kendo From Basics
By Kendo Kyoshi 8-dan Hirakawa Nobuo
Translated by Michael Ishimatsu-Prime

Hirakawa Nobuo-sensei’s Kendo From Basics used to be origi­nally published in 1993. It proved to be very popular and went through several printings in the original Japanese. Chinese and Korean language translations have also been made, and now, Kendo World has translated it into English and is hoping to publish it in 2016. As a preview, this edition of Kendo World features a section on “Creating a debana striking opportunity” from the Applied Techniques chapter…. ….

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