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Maxim # 145 – January 2010 Magazine Number 145 TABLE OF CONTENTS FEATURES 46 Olivia Munn The Attack of the Show! hostess attacks our cameras with hotness. By Maria Fontoura 52 Hot, Weird 6 Wild: 2009’s Most Unforgettable Moments We have a look back at a year filled with death, drama, and boys in balloons! 54 Icon: James Cameron Avatar’s mercurial director wants you to take a seat down and shut the fuck up. His words. By Gain Edwards 56 The Little Sister Stephanie Pratt is poised to change into the new queen of The Hills. 62 The Drinking Man’s Guide to the Hangover We’ve got the cure for what “ales” ya. (Puns!) 66 Breaking Into Hollywood How a gang of Los Angeles wealthy kids played stealing with the stars. By Mark Ebner 72 The UFC’s Warrior Princess Prepare to be groundand-pounded by breakout beauty Rachelle Leah. By Gerasimos Manolatos 76 Al’s Last Stand Allen Iverson’s the controversial bailer who changed the NBA. Will he go out on top? By Ben Detrick DEPARTMENTS 9 Letters Mrs. Brady pays us a talk over with, one clever reader’s monocle obsession, and high praise for our Battlestar babes, Tricia and Grace. 14 Circus Maximus Meet 2009’s Homeland Hotties champion! Plus, we have a look back on Super Bowls gone by, and William Shatner sniffs out some weird colognes. 29 Rated After a nine-year hiatus, the Hughes Brothers return with The Book of Eli, Michelle Rodriguez gets tough, and indie rock pop hit-makers Spoon drop a new album. 36 Stuff Shred with our selection of skis and snowboards, steer three of the year’s best hatchbacks, and steal one of Shaun White’s vintage guitars. 42 Columns Hump-start the New Year with our guide to your best sex ever, then follow a Maxim author as he trails extreme sports legend Travis Pastrana. 82 Style Four of our editors turn out to be from administrative center shlubs to administrative center studs. And so are you able to! 96 Twenty-Four Hours to Live Mumble-core’s Michael Cera’s last day on Earth (not as ironic as you think!).

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