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Grappling is a smash-mouth activity. It is a put your beer down and let’s settle this type of martial art. Man vs. man, woman vs. man, child vs. man, it is among the ultimate ‘prove it’ combat sports. Yet, once you get past the rough and challenging aspect of submission wrestling it’s easy to see that grappling is much more than that. It is also a very cerebral activity. — Psychology is the study of mental processes and behaviors. By studying our psyches we hope to learn how to successfully navigate our world and transform more capable in our endeavors. As the goal of theory is explanatory and predictive power, the use of psychology theories can help us to understand one of the existential questions at the back of our art and can help us to create better models for training and success. In other instances, it is just plain fun to think about. — The application of psychology to submission wrestling is slightly new and in many cases non-existent, so this book is more of an exploration of what is imaginable. It covers a broad range of topics and doesn’t hesitate to introduce counterintuitive thought for the reader to ponder and digest. — “Psychology of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” will whet your appetite to see how psychology can be applied to grappling and not just in a generic sports psychology sense. — Through the usage of essay, “Psychology of BJJ” talks about what it’s like to be the new guy, problems with warm-ups, success by default, immersive environments, why you’ll’t all the time be nice in practice and even asks outright, “Are you happy?” — If that is not enough, it also discusses why you absolutely must not avoid better grapplers, tells you what type of grappler you are and why your team is just as important as your coach. Additionally, “Psychology of BJJ” delves into the unconscious mind and talks about easy ways to toughen by taking simple steps you probably never thought about before. It also discusses quirky, but valid, psychological theory, based on new research that can make a difference in your grappling game. — —- 17,000+ words

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