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Editorial By Alex Bennett Kendo World’s Alex Bennett has recently finished a translation of the bushido classic Hagakure. In his editorial he discusses the relevance of Hagakure to kendo and the lessons that can still be learned from it. Obituary: Miyako Tanaka Price By Kurt Schmucker Kurt Schmucker looks back at the life of naginata Hanshi Miyako Tanaka Price, who recently kicked the bucket. Hanshi Says Hanshi Says is a popular series in which Japan’s top Hanshi teachers give hints of what they are on the lookout for in grading examinations based on wisdom accumulated through decades of training. This issue features Taba Norinobu-sensei from Ibaraki prefecture who passed the 8-dan examination in 1990, and was awarded the title of Hanshi in 1998. “When I am on an examination panel for 8-dan examinations, the main thing that I am on the lookout for is whether or not the candidate demonstrates an understanding of correct kendo theory. Are they fighting their opponent from an interval that seems close to them but far away for the opponent? Are they seizing the right opportunities to strike? Are they attacking with ki-ken-tai-itchi? And, are they demonstrating steadfast zanshin at the end of each attack? The act of applying pressure is essentially a clash of two minds, and the key for success is how well each candidate is able take the initiative in the seme process and attack and defence. Strong “ki-zeme” ‒ overcoming your opponent with your spirit and presence ‒ is of the essence.” Embrace the Failing By Boris Jansen Dutch National Team member reflects on passing 6-dan, and the positives to be gleaned from failing. “I am still on a high after passing my kendo 6-dan in August 2013. The preparation, failing, reflection, struggling and after all passing the exam, turned out to be a much greater experience than I to begin with expected. The failing forced me to take a step back and helped me to develop into my kendo into what I imagine is more mature and varied, and on top of it, just more fun. In this article, I want to share my experience regarding my three attempts and highlight one of the vital requirements which I think are key in order to pass.” Grading Successfully: Part 2 By K8-dan Shigematsu Kimiaki-sensei In “Grading Successfully Part 2”, Shigematsu Kimiaki-sensei, a kendo instructor with Chiba Prefectural Police Force, gives a detailed explanation of how to approach a grading. In this, the second of three instalments, he discusses the importance of kihon, the correct attitude to training, types of keiko, ki, and kyojitsu. This is an essential guide for those who are about to take a grading, particularly for the higher dan levels. FIK Anti-Doping Compliance By Dr. Darryl Tong As an official member of SportAccord (formerly known as GAISF) the International Kendo Federation (FIK) set up an anti-doping committee to conform to World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) regulations pertaining to doping. As FIK affiliates, each national federation and participants in FIK activities will have to abide by the FIK Anti-Doping Rules compiled in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code. FIK Anti-Dopin Committee Chairman Dr. Miyasaka Masayuki discusses its have an effect on with Dr. Darryl Tong of the University of Otago, New Zealand. ….

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